ClisMap is a leading provider of clinical trial maps. We are patient-centric site and our mission is to help you find clinical trials you are looking for. Finding a clinical trial has never been easier, and with ClisMap, you can simply enter your zipcode and get all clinical trials near you. You can also use ClisMap to embed clinical trials map in your websites or blogs.

Please visit Conditions page where you can browse for various clinical conditions. Click on a clinical condition you are interested to see the map of ongoing clinical studies, as well as, relevant images from medical journals. Here is a sample page for Osteoarthritis -

We are updating our database daily and include all clinical trials with open studies. These are studies that are currently recruiting participants, will be recruiting in the future, or are about drugs that are available for expanded access. Please note that not all clinical trials provide location info, and of those, not all can be geocoded. That is why some clinical trials might have missing or unknown locations.

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